Rondò Montevettolini

Fattoria Medicea suggests you “Rondò Montevettolini“: the 14th Medieval Festival of Montevettolini will be on September 10th 2011.

It will be possible to admire Montevettolini, its castle and Montalbano from the wonderful gardens of Villa Medicea. The historian Emanuel Carfora will explain the history of the country of Leonardo Da Vinci during a guided tour. Fattoria Medicea will offer a refreshment on the special occasion of the medieval festival. This event will be located in the gardens of Villa Medicea in Montevettolini.

Fattoria Medicea and the medieval festival

The traditional event of the medieval festival of Montevettolini includes the participation of Fattoria Medicea, a complex with a 4 star hotel and a renowned restaurant located in Monsummano Terme. Fattoria Medicea offers a tasty refreshment during the festival in the gardens of Villa Medicea in Montevettolini.

Do not miss this wonderful medieval festival at Fattoria Medicea

The cost of participation to the guided tour in Montevettolini is 7.00 euro per person. It is only possible to participate upon reservation, because there is a limited availability. The guided tours will be between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. on September 10th 2011. The guided tour lasts 20 minutes.

For further information and reservation:

– Tel. 0572 950057

– Email:

– This is the event’s website:

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